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What about this years CSA 

I hope you enjoyed the produce last season, We very much appreciate your business.

We changed our model a few years ago. Instead of offering the traditional large CSA, we sell a smaller version, 3 to 5 items delivered in a large grocery bag. 

After 7 years of doing this we have found the traditional CSA may be to much produce for most families week to week and a lot can be waisted. Then customers become dissatisfied because they feel they are wasting food. This new way offers more flexibility to our customers. 

Season June 20th to September 30th (15weeks)

Full payment  $442.50 

PDF 2016 order form

If you would like a shorter  season or would like to pay in installments, contact me by email, we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you need more produce you will be able to buy what ever you need from the Apple Valley website. When something comes in season you will see it there.

In addition to a pound of this or that we will also offer items like: The Salad bag, ( a grocery bag with items to knock together a few salads) 

The Root Vegetable Bag, (Potatoes, Turnips, Beets, onions.) The stir fry Bag and others yet to be thought of. If you have a suggestion I would be interested to hear them.

The first things to show up on the Apple Valley website will be Spinach and lettuce. 


Typical CSA share


 CSA share

Feedback is welcome,

Thanks again,

 Tom Sherlock

About Us:

  Our story begins with our love of great food and a constant search for the best and freshest ingredients. If you have really fresh ingredients it’s easy to create a great meal.

Lori and I started a garden for ourselves, then for extended family and now for you. We follow organic practices, our vegetables are grown with close attention to crop rotation, the nutrients added to our soil are from: cover crops, kelp from the ocean, alfalfa and soybean meal, and our own compost.

We use moveable unheated greenhouses to extend our harvest, for an early spring and a late fall. We have cool season greens untill mid December.

Each year we grow a variety of crops. Our goal is to grow wholesome produce for your table.

Thank you for your interest,

Tom Sherlock

Sherlock’s Farm

385 Locust Lane

Abbottstown, Pa.   717 259 5540


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